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It's time for all people who menstruate to have better education, supportive policies, and *actually* helpful medical care

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Meet Carolyn Handke | Founder of Period Wellness

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Growing up, I received very little information about menstrual cycles and felt ashamed of my period for most of my adolescence. I suffered from intense mood swings, bloating, and an array of other PMS symptoms. I was very disconnected from my own body. Finally, in my early 20's I found out that while common, period pain is not normal.  Period Wellness came from this realization. I began healing my own cycle physically and emotionally and sharing the information to help others heal theirs. Along with other amazing people in the menstrual health community, I am healing menstrual cycles, creating preventative health measures, and providing the education everyone needs, but rarely receives about menstrual health.  

My Credentials:

  • Master's of Public Health from the University of Minnesota

  • Advanced Hormone Health Course from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition

  • Fertility Education and Medical Management Certification in progress from FEMM 

Period Wellness Mission Statement: To provide resources for women, girls, and menstruators to understand their bodies, ways to decrease and end period pain, contribute to policies and research that support women, girls and menstruators, and eliminate the stigma around menstrual health. 

Period Wellness Vision Statement: For these resources to be expanded into communal spaces where all people understand the importance of menstrual health, menstruators feel aware, comfortable, calm, and supported with their menstrual health, policies and research provide benefits for menstrual health, menstrual pain is decreased, and there is no stigma around menstrual health.  

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