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Your menstrual cycle is your guide

Online Programs


Hormone-Free Birth Control

Fertility Awareness

1:1 program 

Menstrual Cycle Charting 

A hormone-free birth control option

What is charting?

Charting is creating a deep experience with your body to fully understand your own unique reproductive system. 

Throughout the menstrual cycle, we have many different processes that occur. By understanding these processes and how to observe them, you will be able to know when your fertile window was, what phase you're in, and the health of your overall cycle. 

Carolyn uses the FEMM method which looks at cervical mucus and hormone testing. Additionally, she is being trained to use basal body temperature as a third method. You will learn the ins-and-outs of this method and come and expert in your own body. 

Is charting for you?

Charting is perfect for someone who is 

  • Done with or never wants to use hormonal birth control 

  • Interested in learning more about their body 

  • Can commit time and energy for 3-4 months to a diligent practice of understanding themselves 

What's included?

Multiple one-on-one education sessions 

Unlimited check-ins and questions 

Life-long access to materials used for charting 

The Investment:

A commitment of 3-4 months working with Carolyn 

$350 USD  + $50 deposit 

Ready to begin? 

Email with any questions


Period Wellness Summer Event 

"This was truly amazing, thank you for hosting. I would come to another event for sure"

Sisterhood & Community

Our menstrual cycles can help us build community and sisterhood. Period Wellness offers special events to connect and provide a space to discuss things that have been labeled taboo in our society. These events include bonfires, one-off classes, and meet-ups. Sign up below to learn about upcoming community and sisterhood events, both online and in-person! 


Join the Period Wellness Community 

Thank you! 

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