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The Period Talk can be a lot

That's why experts are here to help your child understand what's going on, how to prepare, and make periods something to feel confident about

Introducing the next:

The Period Talk

A class designed for young girls and menstruators

Next class: March 5th 2023

1pm - via zoom 


Menstrual health education in schools is lacking, if they even bring it up. This leads to girls and menstruators being unaware of what is going on in their bodies when it starts to change and can lead to psychological harm like distress, insecurity, and shame.


Your child deserves to know what is going on in their body in an age-appropriate, fun, and educational way.  While many parents are having these conversations, it can be helpful to have an expert there to facilitate and answer questions you may not know the answer to. Period Wellness is teaming up with Bloody Awesome to provide an amazing class for you and your child.  

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What's covered

  • Getting to Know Your Body (anatomy)

  • The Menstrual Cycle

  • Cervical Mucus 101 

  • The Importance of Your Menstrual Cycle

  • How periods can make us feel 

  • Period Product Overview

  • Q&A

This 90 minute virtual course is for new and soon-to-be menstruators and their parents. The course includes:​

  • Programmed content focused on anatomy, the menstrual cycle, and periods

  • An opportunity to see and learn about different period products (e.g., pads, tampons, cups, etc.)

  • Space to anonymously ask questions and get answers

  • A pdf of all materials after the course 

  • Tips for continuing the conversation in your own homes 

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